Exploring the Enchanting World of Fermented Coffee


In an era dominated by kombucha and various fermented beverages, Lewisgene using a novel and captivating coffee-making method is emerging – homemade fermented coffee. This innovative approach draws inspiration from the art of fermentation and the essence of fruits, combining seamlessly with traditional cold brew coffee to offer coffee enthusiasts a unique flavour experience.

The fermentation process is the key to the distinctive taste of this coffee. During the preparation, coffee, along with sugar, yeast, and fruits, blend together to embark on a chemical transformation extravaganza. Throughout the fermentation process, this mixture absorbs the natural aroma of the fruits and, through the action of yeast, releases a taste reminiscent of alcohol. Nevertheless, reassuringly, the ethanol content in this coffee is only 0.08%. According to legal standards, it can be classified as a “non-alcoholic” beverage, allowing coffee enthusiasts to savour the unique flavour without worrying about the negative effects of alcohol.

Compared to regular coffee, homemade fermented coffee possesses a greater depth and complexity of flavour. The chemical changes occurring during fermentation impart a rich fruity aroma to the coffee, making each cup full of novelty and surprises. Moreover, the flavour of this fermented coffee varies depending on the choice of fruits. From strawberries to lemons, each fruit leaves a distinctive mark on the coffee, immersing the taster in a vibrant array of tastes.


Ferment Coffee


Indulge in a symphony of sensory journeys over this enchanting 3-month period, where exquisite high-premium berries and tropical fruits seamlessly intertwine with the rich essence of high-quality coffee beans sourced from the lush landscapes of
South America. This harmonious fusion culminates in a beverage of unparalleled sophistication, delivering a refreshing taste that transcends expectations.

Picture the symphony of flavours as succulent tropical fruits dance on your palate, complemented by the velvety undertones of South American coffee beans. Each sip unveils a perfect balance, capturing the vibrancy of berries and the robust depth of coffee. This extraordinary combination not only tantalizes your taste buds but also
elevates your sensory experience to new heights. immerse yourself in the sublime marriage of premium ingredients, as the amalgamation
of fruity sweetness and the bold character of coffee creates a truly exceptional, refreshing indulgence. This limited-time offering is a celebration of craftsmanship and flavour, promising a delightful respite from the ordinary.


Ferment Coffee



Over the span of this illustrious six-month duration, a meticulous and artful process unfolds, intertwining the exquisite essence of high-premium grapes with the rich, nuanced flavours of superior South American coffee beans. This marriage of exceptional ingredients initiate a sensory symphony, resulting in a beverage that transcends the conventional boundaries of taste.

The journey begins with the careful selection of top-tier grapes, chosen for their unparalleled quality. These grapes undergo a process that involves patient cultivation and precise harvesting, ensuring that only the finest fruit contributes to the final blend. Simultaneously, high-quality coffee beans sourced from the fertile regions of South America embark on their own journey, cultivated and harvested with the same level of dedication and precision.

As the grapes and coffee beans converge, a meticulous crafting process ensues. The combination of these exceptional elements yields a brew that tantalizes the palate with a distinctive profile, leaning more towards the sophisticated notes found in Coffee.

The resulting infusion transcends the ordinary, offering a sensory experience that captivates with its wine-like undertones while maintaining the essence of premium coffee. This six-month odyssey culminates in a beverage that stands as a testament to the harmonious fusion of two worlds, where the lushness of high-premium grapes intertwines seamlessly with the depth of South American coffee beans, creating a taste that is both extraordinary and unforgettable.

Advantages of Drinking Fermented Coffee



Fermented coffee offers a range of benefits due to its inclusion of beneficial probiotics. These advantages include:

• Improved Digestion and Weight Management
• Enhanced Sleep Quality and Appetite Regulation
• Boosted Immune System Functionality
• Support for Healthy Skin

Can You Drink This Coffee at Night?


Fermented coffee contains high-quality calcium and essential nutrients that can help relax both your mind and body, making it suitable for consumption before bedtime, aiding in falling asleep.


Does This Coffee Contain Alcohol?


Although the fermentation process imparts a flavour reminiscent of alcohol, it is essential to note that the ethanol content in this coffee is only 0.08%, and it can be defined as a “non-alcoholic” drink according to the law. a result of the fermentation process.


Can You Get Drunk After Drinking This Coffee?


Depending on personal physical factors, Might be or not affect your ability to drive, Suggestion not to drive after drinking it.